Only when I stop to think about you I know...
Only when you stop to think about me do you know ...!

I hate everything about you!
Why do I love you...?
You hate everything about me!
Why do you love me?!

Three Days Grace

Hello cowgirl in the sand
Is this place at your command
Can I stay here for a while
Can I see your sweet sweet smile?
Neil Young

Talk to the hand!

Dreams, Dreams

Of when we had just started things

Lily Allen

stones taught me to fly
love taught me to lie

life taught me to die

so it's not hard to fall

when you float like a cannonball

Damien Rice

So hold me when I'm here right me when I'm wrong.

Hold me when I'm scared and love me when I'm gone.

Everything I am and everything in me

Wants to be the one you wanted me to be.

I'll never let you down even if I could.

I'd give up everything if only for your good.

3 Doors Down

I love her because
She moves in her own way

The Kooks

Gazing through the window at the world outside
Ozzy Osbourne

we used to hold on tightly
and you relied on me
i used to be your team mate/you used to be my team mate
or thats the way it seemed

Kaiser Chiefs

I was scared, I was scared,
tired and under prepared,
but I´ll wait for it.
And if you go, if you go,
and leave me down here on my own,
then I'll wait for you, yeah.